LA Guitar Sales was launched in 2000, back then we had two things goings for us, several decades of retail business experience, and a passion for guitars. In the beginning, LA Guitar Sales was nothing more than a simple online based business with no more than 20 or 30 used guitars in stock, but it thanks to the detailed descriptions, and the best photos on the net, it was an instant success.

As the Internet grew, people started selling their own guitars online, not always with great success I might add, so it became harder and harder to find quality used guitars. This new turn of events lead us to offering new guitars, starting with the brands we were most familiar with of course. We spent the next ten years weeding through manufacturers, and although we are not done adding brands to our ever-growing lineup, we feel our current lineup represent the cream of the crop of what is out there.

So there it is, 15-years of evolution, from a tiny online store to a major player in the guitar industry. Where do we go from here? Some builders have made it clear that they favor traditional guitar stores where you can try their guitars, while others are giving an unfair advantage to warehouse operations that do little more than stick a new label on the guitar box they ship out to you. Ultimately it will be up to you of course, because it’s your dollars they are after. Till you decide, we will continue to run our hybrid operation consisting of the best online experience, along with a fantastic showroom for the locals.

Ted and Helene