3 Reasons to Go Big with the Taylor Grand Orchestra

When Taylor set out to redesign its Jumbo guitar, one of the underlying goals was to capture everything that people love about a big-voiced instrument, while also expanding its versatility to appeal to broader mix of players. The result was an entirely new body shape, the Grand Orchestra (GO), and it breaks the mold in terms of the playability and tonal personality of a big-bodied guitar. Below are three reasons it earned “Best Acoustic Guitar” honors from The Music & Sound Retailer magazine.

It’s Taylor’s most dynamic voice.

Between the body’s voluptuous dimensions and proprietary bracing, the GO’s tonal response is bold, rich and complex, with sustain for days. If you’re a bluegrass player or flatpicker with a strong attack, the GO unleashes plenty of low-end power. If you’re a solo player or singer-songwriter, the GO offers a lush wall of sound with a strong low end and lots of clear tonal detail, giving you an expressive musical palette to tap into.

It’s incredibly balanced.

A lot of bigger guitars deliver plenty of low end without much on top. As a result, the lack of tonal uniformity limits the playing experience. The GO responds with a wonderfully linear, balanced tone from bottom to top, and from one end of the fretboard to the other. Even the treble notes sound rich and round, and they won’t get swallowed up by the bass notes. The uniformity of character gives players more consistency, and as a result, more tonal control. You won’t have to play around the limitations of the instrument.

It’s surprisingly responsive.

Another shortcoming of most bigger guitars is that they require a lot of energy from the player to set the top in motion. Not the GO. Thanks to its unique bracing scheme, it responds well to a delicate touch, making it one of the most responsive and fingerstyle-friendly big guitars you’ll ever play.