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Martin 5-16GT Mini Martin Terz 2003:
Price: Sold
Used/New: Used     Condition: Excellent
Description: This is a discontinued 2003 Martin 5-16GT Mini. These awesome little guitars can be strung with medium strings for standard tuning, lights for Terz (a minor third above normal) or Nashville tuning. This can be accomplished by using only the high octave strings from a 12-string set. This will give the guitar an awesome 12-string effect. Either way these guitars are an excellent addition to any guitar arsenal
This one features all solid construction with bound Mahogany body, select Spruce soundboard with amazing silking, one-piece Mahogany neck without wings, 21.5in scale, and 1 11 /16in nut width.

As mentioned before these have now been discontinued and prices will only go up. This one is near mint and comes with original case shown.


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