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Martin 0-16NY New Yorker Vintage 1971:
Price: Sold
Used/New: Used     Condition: Excellent
Description: Martins New Yorker Martins were built in response to the folk revival of the late 1950's and 1960's when folks were looking for old 12 fret "New York" made Martins on which to play the roots and traditional tunes that were so popular in the day. Martin responded to this need with the 0-16NY New Yorker which was a lightly built 12-fret slot head designed for either nylon, or light gauge steel strings. To most of us these instruments sound best with steels strings, but using nylon string will give you a whole new instrument and should be tried. In fact Ian Anderson is often seen playing his 0-16NY with nylon strings. Either way there are few better acoustic "companions" availabel at any price.

This guitar features amazing Mahogany back and sides, select Spruce soundboard, one piece Mahogany neck with 1-7/8in bone nut, 25in scale, and Rosewood fretboard and bridge. The sound is rich and beautifully balanced with excellent note separation. The action is factory medium/low but can be lowered if desired as the saddle has never been cut.

This one wore nylon string most of itís life so the top is flat, neck is straight, and there are no cracks or loose braces. In fact their are no issues other than some minor dings and small scratches from gentle use.

Comes with vintage hard hell case shown. Case is missing one latch but works perfectly and is ready to protect this guitar for another thirty seven years.


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